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Join us in Semester 2!

We are thrilled to be sharing our SEMESTER 2 Season with you all! With new programs, projects, and productions, we now have ROCKIT Running 5-Days-a-Week!

Choose from our core Performance Programs of RUGRATS, JUNIORS, INTERMEDIATES, or SENIORS, as well our trio of Extension Classes for DANCE, DRAMA, and SINGING lessons! All based here in our home town of Cleveland, Redland City. Read more

Extension Classes

Want to EXTEND your skills in SINGING, ACTING or DANCE this Term? Why not join one of our extension classes? Whether it be dance technique and fitness in ROCKIT DANCE, vocal technique and stamina in <>ROCKIT STUDIOS or character development and acting techniques in our new class... ROCKIT DRAMA. Whatever your jam, we've got the extension for you!

We love our production classes (VILLAINS, ZOMBIE PROM, etc.), and ROCKIT will always be based on stage. However, over the last year we have received a constant stream of requests to offer extension classes in each of the individual disciplines in order to give our students the edge in the audition room, in school assessment and instil correct technique from a young age.

It all starts in WEEK ONE! Read more

TICKETS ON SALE NOW!! So Ease On Down the Yellow Brick Road into OZ!

It's ROCKIT's 5th Birthday and we're celebrating with a trip to OZ!! Combining over 100 students in our Redlands Campus, this a spectacle not to be missed! Tickets are now on sale… Read more


"You're entirely BONKERS, but I'll tell you what … the best people are!"

Join Alice's madcap adventures in Wonderland as she chases the White Rabbit, gets tied up with the Tweedles, raps with a bubble-blowing Caterpillar, and beats the Queen of Hearts at her own game!

As she finds her way through this topsy turvy world where nothing is as it seems, Alice meets a wondrous array of characters that guide her through a journey of confusion, adventure and self-discovery. Read more

Join us this semester on two epic journeys into Wonderland and down the Yellow Brick Road!

We're heading down the Yellow Brick Road for our 5th Birthday!

2016 Season

2016 Season - ROCKIT Productions

Posted by Rockit Productions on Thursday, December 3, 2015
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WHODUNNIT - Tickets On Sale Now!

"Bang Bang he shot me down… My baby shot me down!"

Have you imagined yourself as Sherlock Holmes? Or maybe his sidekick Dr. Watson? Are you a wiz at Cluedo? Can you guess the ending to a murder mystery before everyone else in the room? Who will be the last one standing?

We meet the cast of 'SHERLOCK HOLMES - A Killer New Musical' on the eve of their worldwide premiere when tragedy strikes and chaos ensues. With a Broadway Opening Night just around the corner, will this fateful cast be able to save the show, find the clues, and work out WHODUNNIT?

Featuring a cast of 31 talented high school performers, ROCKIT Productions moves to the Redland Performing Arts Centre for their final SENIOR performance of 2015.

Join our team in this fun-loving evening of song and dance (and murder mystery!) that will have even the best detectives scratching their heads! Read more

ROCKIT Productions is the home of Musical Theatre training in Redland City, Queensland.

Posted by Rockit Productions on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Musical Theatre Training from Grade 1-12 - APPLY NOW!

Applications are now open for our JUNIOR Production of SEUSSICAL Jr and our SENIOR Production of SPEAKEASY as well as our new group, the ROCKIT RUGRATS. Simply use the drop down menus above to find out more!

Take a trip to the Circus or NYC or even Indiana!

Tickets are now on sale for our upcoming productions of 13 - THE MUSICAL and CIRQUE DU CABARET. Simply use the drop down menus above to purchase tickets!